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Thinking About Tomorrow

“ I have this dazzling, yet a simple dream. A happy life filled with love, happiness, passion towards what I do, and people to share this all with.” Something that’s obvious from my recent posts is that I am a thinker. Although I make sure to enjoy every moment living in the present and take life as it comes, tomorrow is a word that is persistently on my mind. How often do you think of it? And


Painted Getaways

Who knows. Maybe it has just been too long. And I have been lost. And I have had this desire. It has never been easy. I haven’t been easy on myself. I haven’t been myself. Maybe because I need to leave. Maybe I need a Getaway. It has never been easy. I haven’t been easy on myself. I haven’t been myself. A constant struggle, longing. And a desire. Desire to leave. Leave. Leave this chaos. Chaos

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Turn It Backwards

Not really sure how to start. Unsure of how it all started. Yeah, it’s that time of the year again when I look back, and think about the forgotten and not so forgotten people, projects, gigs, photos, etc etc. Basically every single thing I spent a moment on/with. Seek for an answer to these uncertain questions, and fight with this inner struggle with in myself. How things could have been better, or how I could

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Electric Feel

These pictures featuring some of the most comfortable items from my wardrobe, have been lying in the drafts for a while. Certainly a stylish and comfortable way to spend the winters, Cropped Sweatshirts/Sweaters/Tops can be styled in an infinite number of ways. I can clearly remember looking at mom's expressions the moment I reached out for this one, but I am so happy with my decision of not dropping this sweatshirt back. She could never understand my undying affection

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This Day

The sweet smell of coffee and feeling the cold early morning breeze touch my face and run through my hair, while I stand in the balcony staring into nothingness. “Set wide the window. Let me drink the day.” ― Edith Wharton This feeling of contentment, when I leave the bed early and thus making enough time that I can dedicate to myself. Much time to lounge around, taking my own sweet time to get ready. Enough

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Because It’s Forever

With a massive Forever 21 store in the heart of city now, it's a relief that the desperate wait for the couriers will come to an end. Finally. Bangalore finally has a Forever 21 Store. Yay. And I am sure you are all aware of it, unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few days. I remember the buzz which was going on for quite a while when the store was in making. People were

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This Slouchy Love

Boyfriend shirt - Boots - Sunnies- Backpack. Oh, life is beautiful! I have this major thing for loose fitted clothes. The emotions that come roaring from within when I look at a shirt double my size or maybe a roomy dress is something that I cannot explain in words. Simply not possible. Nothing, and I pretty strongly mean it when I say it, nothing excites me the way baggy clothes do. Spending ample amount of

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Butt Out, Please

Home. Home feels safe. I can wear what I want to. Or maybe wear nothing, walk around naked. Sit with my legs wide apart, widest possible, trying to cover the entire bed, leave no damn space for no one. Today I am dealing with these crappy mood swings. No, it's not one of those days. There has to be no fixed reason as to why I feel a certain way. Not everyday is same. I wake up

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Find Me Somebody To Love

A quick outfit post. Have put together a few numbers from my wardrobe I am currently obsessing over. I could live-love-dance in this dress, um well, yeah the world knows my love for slouchy clothing. These chic sunnies you see here were sent to me recently by the kind peeps at Spektre Sunglasses, you are bound to fall in love with their collection. I can be seen with this pearl pendant with almost everything and every

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Another Day

"A lot has to be done, a long way to go, because it's just another day."   Photography : Debjyoti Das | thatPhotographerwithHeadphones   Another day. In a land faraway. All alone. It's difficult for her to go to sleep. Light sleeper she is. Lying on the bed for hours, thinking, for she doesn't have no control over her mind. Tomorrow bothers her. Tomorrow excites her. Keeps her up, this emotional flurry, it won't let