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Melissa Corsari for Razzle Dazzle Pickle

I have always been very fascinated by different kinds of Fashion Illustrations, done by different artists, with each one portraying a unique style. It's something that I intend to be good at and sadly I am still working on that!  And it was very delighting when Melissa Corsari, a talented Fashion Illustrator from Italy got in touch for a collaboration and offered to do an illustration of one of my pictures. Melissa has been interested

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I Can Hear You Dreaming

Another random thought. From another random conversation with friends. Ever wondered what is Life about? What is all this hubbub about? What do we live for? What is the purpose of Life? Certain things make us happy, a few don't, why? Why follow the rules? What makes us happy? Why/How do we trust? Why do we instantly connect with someone, and why sometimes ages go by trying to do so? Why do we dream? Just

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Your Love Is Beautiful

Today is the day of love! 14th Feb. Well, if I get started on what I feel about love and this day and all that jazz, trust me, I might never even stop! All I am going to say is 'Love. Love. Share.' Love everyday, each one around, make each day Valentine's day! Sharing this poem by the great poet 'Rabindranath Tagore', something that I have meaning to share for quite sometime. Enjoy reading and don't

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Water Of Life

So today I have made a small list of things that will help you lift up your mood/look! Lipstick Red lipstick, or maybe Pink for those who think red is too loud. I have timelessly mentioned what hot red lipstick does to my face and mood. Instant mood brightener it is! Compact powder I am not a big fan of everyday makeup, (maybe because I don't know much about it.) But each time my face