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Another Day

"A lot has to be done, a long way to go, because it's just another day."   Photography : Debjyoti Das | thatPhotographerwithHeadphones   Another day. In a land faraway. All alone. It's difficult for her to go to sleep. Light sleeper she is. Lying on the bed for hours, thinking, for she doesn't have no control over her mind. Tomorrow bothers her. Tomorrow excites her. Keeps her up, this emotional flurry, it won't let

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Kingfisher The Great Indian Octoberfest ’14 Giveaway

This week, this month has been crazy! CRAZY.  Festivals, music tours, wonderful artists, fashion events, etc etc. I am surprised how did I manage to survive the chaos. Well, as I always say, Music, of course music helped. Now just add a pint (or many pints) of beer to the picture. Excite, right? Here with another giveaway, to make this month even more merrier for you guys. Giving away a couple pass to the winner,

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A Classic Giveaway : Daniel Wellington

I received this piece from Daniel Wellington almost a month back and since then I am in love with this beauty. Beautiful watch, isn't it! :)  The simple and quintessential design of this watch, the classic rose gold round frame and the belt, all of it makes it a perfect piece. It sure is my new companion. And guess what! It could be your new companion! Hosting a Giveaway, and here is your chance to win

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You And Me

After all, until and unless you don't get out, how do you find love?   I have been meaning to put this post up for so long now, so damn long! Um, a couple of months maybe, can you believe it! But as I have mentioned earlier, how with all these collaborations and projects you tend to forget the whole point of having a space like this. Writing your heart out. *sigh* Okay, so this