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Thinking About Tomorrow

“ I have this dazzling, yet a simple dream. A happy life filled with love, happiness, passion towards what I do, and people to share this all with.” Something that’s obvious from my recent posts is that I am a thinker. Although I make sure to enjoy every moment living in the present and take life as it comes, tomorrow is a word that is persistently on my mind. How often do you think of it? And


Painted Getaways

Who knows. Maybe it has just been too long. And I have been lost. And I have had this desire. It has never been easy. I haven’t been easy on myself. I haven’t been myself. Maybe because I need to leave. Maybe I need a Getaway. It has never been easy. I haven’t been easy on myself. I haven’t been myself. A constant struggle, longing. And a desire. Desire to leave. Leave. Leave this chaos. Chaos

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Turn It Backwards

Not really sure how to start. Unsure of how it all started. Yeah, it’s that time of the year again when I look back, and think about the forgotten and not so forgotten people, projects, gigs, photos, etc etc. Basically every single thing I spent a moment on/with. Seek for an answer to these uncertain questions, and fight with this inner struggle with in myself. How things could have been better, or how I could

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Electric Feel

These pictures featuring some of the most comfortable items from my wardrobe, have been lying in the drafts for a while. Certainly a stylish and comfortable way to spend the winters, Cropped Sweatshirts/Sweaters/Tops can be styled in an infinite number of ways. I can clearly remember looking at mom's expressions the moment I reached out for this one, but I am so happy with my decision of not dropping this sweatshirt back. She could never understand my undying affection