Fashion and Music Diaries | Bangalore | Part I

" It is hard to imagine life without Music and Fashion, it really is. For both of them make life beautiful, fun and easy. " Music and Fashion. Undeniably the most important elements in our lives. Talking about Music, what would life without music be like? Um, Colorless, Soulless and dreary? Horrifying to cut it short. After all, in my belief, music enhances a moment of happiness, or could help you release your pain. Or help you

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Take Me Back

So remember how I kept mentioning about my heart dealing with this constant yearning to travel. For a small break, a trip to some place away. It finally happened, super short trip though but yes. As it was obvious from my Instagram Profile, I made a trip to Goa, like everyone else, in the month of December. It was mainly The Laboratoire stage with a never-seen-before DnB Lineup at the Supersonic Fest that pulled us to

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Make It Easy

"Thank god for Music and Fashion in life. They have been my companions for a long while now, and it’s wonderful how both of these play versatile roles. In certain situations, they can intensify your happiness. And help you release or conceal your pain, in others." Another list of tracks I have been hooked on, since forever. For I believe, there is nothing greater than sharing Love, Happiness, Knowledge and Music. •  Junoon - Bombay Dub Orchestra

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Eyes On You

It was only yesterday that I had an interesting conversation with a dear friend of mine. About spectacle frames. About how he is in a state of dilemma. To keep the glasses or to get rid of them. And this conversation began after I mentioned how I was approached by 2-3 people at a club last night, who thought my glasses made me look interesting. Too kind of them.  Well, this happens quite often, maybe because it’s


No Going Back

I still have very vivid memories of the day I was told that my eyesight isn't normal anymore and that I would need spectacles henceforth. I was rather excited and thrilled, not much during the eye test, but about the family visit to the various shops. Long walks and drives until I finally found something I liked. Since then, there were countless such visits and runs, for a fight between me and my brother would always

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A Goodbye To 2014

Sitting by the beach, cold breeze on my face and listening to the waves, thinking how quickly another year went by. Putting together a few pictures from the 2014, saying goodbye to a beautiful year. And welcoming 2015, hoping that it will only be brighter and happier. Also filled with much love and exciting posts. Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year. And as I always say, keep working on your dreams and never ever