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So Many Times

Have you ever wondered if its just steps to where you’re supposed to end up? The routine, the roulette where it ends up with the same result over and over again. Even if we try another strategy, it still ends up the same way. Is it just a way to numb you for a stronger future, or is it just fate’s way to tell you that it’s time to go down another road? So many

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Here With Me

It’s been a while. A long while that things have changed. The grass isn’t green anymore. The house doesn’t look so bright and beautiful like it used to. I don’t hear laughters no more. Heart isn’t as ecstatic as it used to be. There is nothing but emptiness now. No letters, no word. The only thing that remains the same and will, is this long wait. And a soul, waiting by the door. Not exactly

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Still Alive

Been a while that I have been meaning to release these pictures. Too much to work on, and things have been quite crazy. How I wish there were more than twenty four hours in a day. Or maybe I need cut down on the ‘Staring-At-The-Wall’ time. Maybe. So, here is the third look from the QuirkBox Series, feat. The Dolls Crop Top. With the adorable doll print and such soothing colors, this number according to


Before The Storm

Let me sit back and relax. For I just have a few moments. A few moments of solace and inner peace which somehow has been very difficult to find. Let me breath before my mind is completely awake and before it brings back all the memories and the maddening cluster of thoughts, driving me restless and anxious. Let me sit back and relax. Take a stroll down the memory lane. Flip through my old journal and go

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But Something’s Changed

I am back with a list of tracks that I have been listening to. Over and Over again. On loop. Non stop. Just realised that i’s been a while I shared music. So here it is : 1. Shura - Touch 2. Hiatus and Shura - Fortune’s Fool 3. Tantrum Desires - Genesis 4. Shura - Just Once 5. Ali Farka Toure - Ai Du 6. Years & Years - Take Shelter 7. Hiatus -