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The World Is Ours

Summers aren't all that pleasing. Of course not. Very much of a Winter soul, the only reason I like summers, is because the weather allows you to wear the best of the colors while you soak under the sun on the beach, in that bright patterned swimsuit and big sunnies, with a Margarita next to you and happy thoughts floating in your mind. So, here is a list of songs that might make this summer a little more easy. 1.

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On My Mind

Do you also find it difficult to express yourself? Express your feelings and convey what’s on your mind? Alexithymia, they call it, I think. Even with the mode of communication becoming only quicker and fancier in today’s world, surprisingly expressing one’s feelings has become only more difficult. And we run out of words when it comes to speaking about the thoughts in our heads. We think twice before saying what we really mean. Don’t we? In my

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On A Summer Day

On a summer day. He wakes up as soon as the first rays of the new rising sun slowly spread in his abode. Warm rays filtering through the window curtains next to his bed, waking him up with much warmth and love. Pulling the curtains apart, he stares outside the window, and looks around gratefully. Grateful for a new day, new beginnings, and the soothing surroundings, which is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A

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Seeking Shelter

Somewhere amidst the noise, haste, and this chaos, I find myself standing still and lost in these thoughts. Takes about a few seconds and everything starts to fade, the people, the noise, the surroundings. And then I find myself taking a walk. Much balanced thoughts, with my mind at ease, seeking peace. No hurry, no duties, no pressure, just peace. Peace and happiness, all within myself. A small Getaway, almost real. And right when I