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Dawn To Dusk

Living among millions in the same city, we all have our own agenda for each day. An agenda for what we want our lives to end up, years later, or maybe just tomorrow. Something about a new day that awakens the eager soul within ourselves. Some wake up with a written routine, engraved in the path they chose. Some strive to live each day spontaneously, equally a chosen path. Both with a hopeful smile. Dreaming


Not-So-Confined Lines

Lines, and Structures defined by them. Put them in different scenarios and they could come together to mean something completely paradoxical. The border drawn between two countries, with just a line, dividing away a zillion people, even though their souls might be connected on a much bigger, solid ground. A three line sketch could be converted into a closed structure from an open one with the right placement of the fourth line. Curves, just another

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A Tiny Tale of Juxtaposition

Opening my eyes to the dark blue clouds slowly parting away, making way for the sun rays to filter in. Driving through the twisty roads leading up to the misty mountains, all before the city wakes up. Watching the trees go by quickly, accompanied by a couple of early morning souls. Looking down upon the mighty surroundings, feeling the early morning breeze on my face. A dense ring of forests naturally built around the ancient

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Slowing Down

As busy as the city looks, our individual lives feel even more hectic. Constant floods of work; emails, shoots, meetings, socializing, events and so forth. Racing against time to complete deadlines, sometimes external factors deter it, making it even more stressful. During this entire fiasco, you feel like throwing everything away and quitting, thinking 'enough-is-enough', but at the same time, you love it all. You want to wake up every morning knowing that what you