All By Ourselves

Things that take over our minds, by the sea shore, by a cottage on the hills, by the window on a rainy day or while walking amidst the tall trees in a jungle. We are forever on an endless search fuelled by the never ending train of thoughts, looking for something we don’t know of. Carrying along the memories that stay, memories that haunt. Unexpected companions tagging along in the journey. A long expedition towards


A Happy Picture

"A unified society where people treat each other with respect and love, not let naivety and discrimination influence their judgement or behavior, and learn to accept others for who they are. That would be#IndiaCool." In a world full of different kind of humans, it’s quite inconceivable for every single one of them to behave in the positive manner. For all of them to be a considerate human being and abide by what’s right and what’s


Think Twice

"Be yourself. Be yourself. Look around, everyone is screaming out loud : Be yourself. There are Articles, Videos, Talks, Discussions all over the Internet, about ‘Being Yourself’. Coffee table conversations somehow end up at ‘Discovering, Expressing, Finding and Being yourself'. But what does it take to do so? And why is it so difficult? I think, being yourself starts with being comfortable in one’s own skin and living life on your own terms and conditions. One needs