Razzle Dazzle Pickle and Burberry

After The Rain Has Stopped

Sitting by the fireplace in the warmest of the clothes, a scarf wrapped around your neck and feet in the woollen knee high socks. Petting your little husky, whose blue eyes tinkle now and then with the fire’s reflection, in the dark cozy room, while it rains outside. The cold breeze and droplets knocking on the door and teasing the window curtains. You fall asleep and wake up with the sweet smell of the earth


Just A Regular Day

Another #24HoursInTheCity series for LEE, and I collaborated with this handsome from Stranger in Suede. Have known Uday for about 4 years now and thus the planning bit of the shoot wasn't difficult at all. We decided to stick with our own styles and picked a few places that we love. Entire series was shot in one day, a big thank you to the photographers. Featuring some of the most comfortable denims from the brand's collection,

1600-550 _ Cover

Stay Inside

I have always wanted to do a post with looks that accurately portray my style. So for this shoot, I decided to switch things around a little bit. And the plan of letting Deb handle both the camera and the styling bit, and me only posing in as many ways I could, worked out quite fine. The weekend was packed with a couple of day long shoots and thus the idea of working around a

1600-550 _ Cover

She Sprints

A world of her own. World close to where the flowers bloom. Near to where the water flows. She sprints. Chasing the Illusion, escaping the delusion. Getting carried away, losing time, losing count. Mimosas & leaves are her playthings and grass her carpet. Sits down when out of breath. Looking back, a quick flashback at the memories made, things learnt. Waking up with the rain showers. Droplets dripping through the bamboo roof. Leaving footprints, peeking