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Not So Far

It's been a while that I for many reasons have been avoid social gatherings. And of course, yes, I have mentioned that a million times on the blog. And here I am, placed in this gorgeous place nestled in the centre of the busy Bandra in Mumbai, and attending the Fashion Week every day. Last two days have been about nothing else but all about shows, people, cameras, and tons of conversations. Long days, everyday.

A series of Food Flatlays by Razzle Dazzle Pickle, inspired by food and beverages from daily life.


Plunging into various phases and modes, I go through many of these. Some sensible, some not and some that should be kept to myself. For instance, Earring Mode. It is when I ditch all other accessories and stick only with Earrings. Until I unknowingly and slowly slip into the other phase, there’s only splurging and drooling over Earrings. Now and then, the temporary phase kicks in when I hate to shampoo my hair. Anywho, with

A post about simple hairdos that I opt for, in day to day life.

Almost Everyday

Hairstyles or Hairdos, apart from shoes and lip colors etc. prove to be a vital mood brightener and complete that look within minutes, when you stand wondering about 'What's missing' in front of the mirror for almost thirty minutes. Yes, I do. The smallest change in the hairdo, like a side braid or a slightly higher pony can make the sun shine brighter and the day happeir. Sharing a few simple hairdos that I tend to stick

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Facades, Facets and Faces – Karnataka | Part I

Years that I've been trying and weaving stories around being lost in the nature. Years I have been holding this desire of traveling all around the globe, our country to begin with. Dreaming of owning a cottage amidst the nowheres, surrounded with thick forests and mist. And probably another one with the window facing the ocean. All things big start with a small step, and with this year having picked it's pace to the fullest, I