Travel India _ Gujarat

Hue and Cry

Dress : Aish Life | Rings : Zariin Fifteen minutes since I’ve arrived back into the city and have already thrown more than that number of cuss words out of my mouth, . With a face that is far from attractive and happy. Need to cover another 2 hours of distance to get home. Now, you do the calculation. Impatient-senseless-accident prone driving and rowdy behaviour seems to be the current trend. If only people would calm

Mandvi Market Vadodara

Facades, Facets and Faces – Gujarat | Part I

To not fret over the future and dwell in the past, and to relish the present; a saying almost as ancient as the Vedas, and we humans still haven't been able to abide by it. Trying to follow the same, I have decided to take off from the mundane life that no one else but we're responsible for creating. Travel. A day or two or a week, or a month. Initially and mostly planned around

A series of photos, from a regular day, mundane things and things around the house, with a little something that's running in my mind.

Two Sides

Shirt : Zara | Pants : Vajor | Choker : DIY With hair that's racing with time, growing back so quick, leading up to the ultimate unavoidable consequences, like a drastic transformation in personal style and a much needed clearance of the cram-full wardrobe. An abode that I have grown out of, yet re-think about moving out, because of the million memories and get togethers that it has been the spot for. A silent mental