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While I sit down and write this, my mind is already wandering between the beautiful hills of this place called Yercaud in Tamil Nadu. Taking off for a small trip tomorrow. I have been on my toes since morning. Literally. Also, my second baby, Drum and Bass India turned two today. Couldn’t be happier. Even though things haven’t always been smooth and now and then the clouds of deep demotivation take over, it’s been a memorable journey so far. These milestones only make me more adamant to settle down for nothing less than what I dream of. There has been nothing, nothing that has been able to put this mad drive inside me. With each passing day, with each small achievement and with each mistake, I only see myself getting closer to what I want. And more importantly, as a very close friend of mine said, it’s about the journey. Yes, it is. So, I have started to enjoy every bit of this journey, learning how to.

Coming to the look, I quite like this top from Quirk Box, for it’s brilliant Art work, for it’s free roomy silhouette, and also because of my love for the color black, which I have declared a zillion times by now. Couldn’t think of anything else but my Grey Maxi Skirt and my favorite Black Boots along with this long time companion of mine, this thrifted denim shirt. Completing the look with my sunnies and this old silver necklace.

Bombay Balloons Bus Art Top : Quirkbox | Maxi Skirt and Sunnies : Forever 21 | Boots : Romwe.com | 
Shy Cherry Lip Color : Colorbar | Neckpiece : Commercial Street, Bangalore | Denim Shirt : Thrifted


Retouching : Deekshith K Suvarna


  • srinihal pouka

    Perfect shoot. After a year when I see my illustration ( exptally my favorite one ) feel so happy. good luck.

  • Aurelie | Surface85

    Very nice look! I agree with your friend it’s all about the journey! Focusing on the journey is also being in the present. I get the demotivation mood (I have it myself from time to time) I think it’s like a cycle. Sometimes we are highly motivated sometimes not but I guess is the perseverance in the down moments that brings success in the long run.
    Cheers and have a great trip in Yercaud (have been there few months back).



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