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Taking a walk amongst the ruins of a building is possibly the best way to awaken these thoughts that one tries hard to suppress, beneath all that chaos and unnecessary emotions that fill our daily lives. Thoughts about Life, changes, death, afterlife, important realisations, and all things similar.

An old structure at the verge of losing it’s existence and being forgotten, that once was a beautiful home to someone, now lies on the ground. The walls that once were protective, now struggle to stand with cracks that make them weaker with each passing day. The stairs that have awaited a million waits, witnessing many goodbyes and welcomes, now stand silently with a longing desire of hearing footsteps again. The windows that played the games of Peek-A-Boo now are lonely. And the roof that once stood tall and proud, sheltering lives, saving them from the harsh conditions, now is a victim of time and history itself, and is powerless and poor with holes. Holes you could see the sky through. The hole that lets some light in, along with some hopes. Hopes of the ruins being alive again, with someone new moving in and living an entire circle of life again. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe the building has come to a full circle.

And the life of a living being is no different than that of a structure’s. We come into this world, grow, learn, live, laugh and share. The body that once provided comfort to many and was active, would one day lie stiff in the ground, ready to blend back with the nature. The bitter and unchangeable law of life it is. Something that I have not been able to make peace with. The instilled fear of losing is probably the only fear that I haven’t been able to overcome and never will. But what it makes me wonder is when do we stop erring and start to respect lives. Our own life and that of others. Value the existence of all things alive, show love and affection and not miss a chance to say what we really mean, for a second chance is not something that comes very often. And because you never know how close we are to finishing the circle.

Dedicated to Asif Akber, a dear friend, a happy soul, who for sure is in a better place now.

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