“A unified society where people treat each other with respect and love, not let naivety and discrimination influence their judgement or behavior, and learn to accept others for who they are. That would be#IndiaCool.”

In a world full of different kind of humans, it’s quite inconceivable for every single one of them to behave in the positive manner. For all of them to be a considerate human being and abide by what’s right and what’s not. With extreme conditions and weak foundations, it’s understandable that one might give in to evil thoughts and desires. Though there are some actions that absolutely have no justifying explanation or forgiveness, and every negative piece of news leaves me thinking. Thinking about the future, and where we are all headed to. If it’s going to be only better or it might turn into a scarier nightmare. At the same time there’s no denial of the existence of people who restore out faith in ‘Everything-Is-Going-To-Okay’. People who, no matter what the conditions might be, won’t chose the wrong path. People who, even out of envy, won’t take on a mission to ruin everything that one has. Humans who won’t let their personal judgement and remarks push someone into depression or force one into hiding. I am talking about humans who believe in healthy competition and believe that everyone has a right to live and come out in the open. Humans who are set to break the old notions, and won’t frown upon people who aren’t from the same background or maybe are very different from the usual. As much as we are progressing towards a luxurious life filled with a zillion things that none of us could think of a few years ago, I think our human emotions are getting dissolved in the race. With Music, Fashion, Technology etc. evolving at a faster rate than ever, there is a very fine picture of the future, with countless possibilities and freedom. Let’s all try to make it a happy picture.

For Vogue | #IndiaCool

T-shirt : Zara | Shorts : Romwe | Shoes : Adidas | Pendant : DIY

Photography and Post Production : thatPhotographerwithHeadphones