Filled with content that are mostly very individualistic and personal, this blog brings together Ritu Arya’s two passions, Music and Fashion. Currently based in Bangalore, Ritu Arya is a Twenty-Three year old Design graduate from NIFT, Bangalore.

While she spends much time running this blog, she also works as a freelance Stylist and a Design Advisor. One of the two co-founders of Drum and Bass India, music is definitely one of the few things that she really enjoys, apart from Fashion, Blogging etc. Holding a degree in Textile Design, she loves to create patterns and textures with different mediums and intends to start a Clothing Label of her own in the near future.

Founded in the year 2012, this blog allows her to express her thoughts, through pictures and words. Focusing on creating something new and interesting each time, she mostly works around themes and stories.