Staring out the window, gazing at the sky and the tall lamp posts lined in the streets, allowing old memories to come flooding back, while the speakers blare out my exquisite collection of tracks that have stuck with me, for longer than any of my scrunchies ever have; is my favourite thing to do in the moving car. Although time and again it hasn’t proved to be friendly since I do not wear water-proof mascara. And there goes another 20 minutes of my life fixing my looks before stepping out of the car, wearing a smile for the meeting or the special brunch with hundreds of friendly and not-so-friendly faces. Luckily I have found an alternative, and to save all the drama specially when I am headed for such a social gathering, I instead play the Car-Quiz. I put my automobile knowledge on test and I and my friends see how well I know cars. It’s entertaining and saves me from all the pain that I would otherwise be facing with that emotional age old playlist, that I still refuse to change. Surprisingly, with time I have gotten only better at this Quiz, and with every correct guess I cannot help but pull a smug smile across my face, imagining myself in the Superwoman costume. Only after a few moments of this beautiful day dream, I start to wonder about the weird notion that our society still abides by, “The only things that excite women are clothes, chocolates, perfumes, etc.” I often find my guy friends discussing gadgets and automobiles only within themselves, and trying to be a part of the conversation does nothing but invite an amused stare and sometimes small bursts of laughter.

Administering both my style blog and the music community I co-run, I find myself much rather inclined towards discovering new genres of music, artists, festivals, sneakers, trends, cameras etc. Chocolates and perfumes excite me the least to say. Sustaining a lifestyle where I constantly need to be updated and keep my audience updated on the happenings and events of my life, it often gets frantic and relying upon my phone that sometimes refuses to co-operate, puts me in a helpless situation. And thus, Asus Zenpad has been nothing short of a blessing. From reading my fav magazines online to updating all my profiles on various social platforms, from taking instant Flatlays to Selfies; Zenpad has proved to be a true Fashion Companion. The ‘Zenpad Love for Fashion’ seems to grow only stronger. Having mentioned my misanthropic qualities in the last post, I usually stay home and cook for myself and my loved ones. And yet again, I find it reminding me of the recipes, ingredients etc., being a constant company throughout the entire process. After calling it a day, I cannot help but have the same self satisfied smile across my face. And why not! I cook, write, read and can point out the features of automobiles and gadgets like a waiter at a local dhaba reads out the memorised menu.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, see how Asus speaks on behalf of all the women, hinting men to be slightly more innovative with their gifting ideas.For starters, you could maybe include women in your gadget conversations, and probably even gift them one. And instead of opting for the regular age old options, why not add something that might be a faithful aide to your woman’s hectic lifestyle.

Feat. Zenpad by Asus.

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Team :

Creative Direction : Ritu Arya
Photography : thatPhotographerwithHeadphones and Praveen Achary
Post production : thatPhotographerwithHeadphones

Special thanks to Renjini Achary.