1600-550 _ Cover

“A lot has to be done, a long way to go, because it’s just another day.”


Photography : Debjyoti Das | thatPhotographerwithHeadphones


Another day. In a land faraway. All alone. It’s difficult for her to go to sleep. Light sleeper she is. Lying on the bed for hours, thinking, for she doesn’t have no control over her mind. Tomorrow bothers her. Tomorrow excites her. Keeps her up, this emotional flurry, it won’t let her sleep. Not scared of the dark anymore, she stares into the nothingness after the lights go out. Stares and stares while her mind tries to picture things out of the black. Wondering, fearing, dreaming. Not once she could recollect the moment she eventually dozed off to sleep. Wakes up with messy hair, and spends another hour in bed, curled up in a corner, trying to go back to sleep or maybe calm the things on her mind, that have already started to take over like black clouds. A confusion surrounds. This chaos. In mind. In life. Things are perfect. Maybe they just seem to be perfect. Daily chores to be taken care of. People to take care of, the loved ones. Trying hard to strike a balance. A balance between both the worlds, a balance of both modern and traditional ways. In the middle of the run, she stops, stops to gaze into the haze. She seems to be waiting. There is this endless wait, wait for something real, wait for the real happiness maybe? The wait seems to be driving her delirious. But the wait is worth it. It has to be. What is she waiting for? Do you know? Well, you wouldn’t for she herself doesn’t have any clue. A lot has to be done, a long way to go, because it’s just another day.
Skirt : Stitched
Top : ONLY
Lip Color and Nail Paint : Colorbar

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