A series of photos with a blend of Blur Motion and Light Leaks, all styled with Indian jewels and fabrics.

Left In The Dark

Left in the dark. To thrive. To survive. To look for the lost drive. Left in the dark. To wither. To silently feel the smother. Left in the dark. To shy. To shush the heart while all it does is cry. To not be bleak, empty, wry. Left in the dark. To try. To try. Jewellery - Ritika Sachdeva and Zariin Creative Direction, Modelling, Styling, Edit and Words - Ritu Arya | Photography - Praveen

H&M X Kenzo

Watching You Watch Me

Feat. H&M X Kenzo Watching you, watch the world. Steal a glance. Wait. And ache. While you mumble to yourself. And hide. Watching you, look away. Watching you, broken. While you try. Try and pretend. Watching you want. With those silent eyes. Watching you, ache. And say nothing. Watching you. Watch me. Glasses - Pataaka Store | Rest - H&M X Kenzo Creative Direction, Modelling and Styling - Ritu Arya | Photography - Havra Hajoori | Video


Too Close To The Water

By the ocean, I stand. By the ocean, I wait and watch. Breathless. Petrified. For I am too close to the water, but not you. All I see is blue, but no where close is you. By the ocean, I stand. While I wait and watch. Look 1 - Top from Anokhi | Glasses from Pataaka | Denim Shorts from Forever 21. Look 2 - Top from Anokhi | Dress from Door of Maai | Earrings

Street Art India

Stories In the Streets

Feat. Start India #Blr by Street Art India in association with Asian Paints. ‘Lekin yeh toh India mein shayad pehli baar ho raha hai na’? Asks the man next, who stood by me quietly for five seconds before he asked me what was all that about. I was almost done explaining but after his second question, there wasn’t anything else to say. I just nod. This is during Siddharth Kararwal’s fourth display of the installations he has created.


Facades, Facets and Faces – Pondicherry/Auroville | Part I

Reminiscing about my last trip to Pondicherry and Auroville, while this playlist of some of my all time favorites is on loop. - Sun Mere Sanam by Midival Punditz. - Night by Midival Punditz. - When They Fight They Fight by The Generationals. - Letting Go by Nitin Sawhnay. - Sajanna by Badmarsh & Shri - Grafton Street by Dido. - Us Two Little Gods by Dido. - The Hard Way by Mulder. - Signs by Badmarsh and Shri. -


A Backyard Summer

Hot afternoons, quiet evenings. Silent trees, waiting to be caressed by the wind. Standing tall, from the moment the sun filters through the windows, till the sky prepares for bed with the starry blanket. Dry crunchy leaves on the sidewalk. A bunch of birds. Restless insects, hanging clothes. Tender coconuts, drying throats. Noon naps and the lullabic sound of fan the blades. Small errands in the scorching heat. Sticky skin, wet riverbank. Flowers staring at

Razzle Dazzle Pickle _ Travel _ Gujarat


Dress : Aish Life | Earring : DIY | Anklets : Commercial Street A few moments amongst an olden beauty, these steps and it's surrounds, which of a only few places brings us peace, peace in this world that is enwreathed with mayhem and madness. Styling, Modeling and Post Production : Ritu Arya | Photography : Havra

Travel India _ Pondicherry _ Mediums


Feat. Pushpak Vimaan For someone who is mostly surrounded by Djs and Music Producers, conversations seem to be repetitive, time over again. At home, talking about music, listening to promos. Out for a gig, discussing how great the act is. Away for a small trip, sitting on the most awesome roof top place, concerned debates about what direction is the music industry is headed to, with the so not required politics and arrogance. Used the

Travel India _ Gujarat

Hue and Cry

Dress : Aish Life | Rings : Zariin Fifteen minutes since I’ve arrived back into the city and have already thrown more than that number of cuss words out of my mouth, . With a face that is far from attractive and happy. Need to cover another 2 hours of distance to get home. Now, you do the calculation. Impatient-senseless-accident prone driving and rowdy behaviour seems to be the current trend. If only people would calm