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With a massive Forever 21 store in the heart of city now, it’s a relief that the desperate wait for the couriers will come to an end.


Finally. Bangalore finally has a Forever 21 Store. Yay.
And I am sure you are all aware of it, unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few days. I remember the buzz which was going on for quite a while when the store was in making. People were on their toes desperate to know the launch date and go break into the store. A Forever 21 fan like most of you out there, my wardrobe has a big stack of clothes from the same brand. Definitely one of my favorites, primarily because of the wide range of options that the brand offers in basic colours and silhouettes. Something that goes well with my style and pocket too! Was very glad to be a part of the Blogger bunch invited to the launch party along with the star guest Diana Penty. The fact that the store is pretty big and holds almost everything that we can find on their website is quite satisfying. Quite an event and it doesn’t come as a surprise that they managed to create this huge hubble-bubble. I clearly remember a zillion questions that poured in from these friends, all of them so thrilled about visiting the store. One suggestion that I gave them all was to not delay the visit by even a day. I came across a picture recently with a queue which was at least a few feet long, stretching up to the Mall entrance, on the occasion of the official public launch. I am glad I managed to escape all that, and had enough time to take multiple rounds around the store, pick my favorite ensemble and spend some quality time with the lovely fellow bloggers. Having this store around certainly makes our lives a little easier now.


Store location : Garuda Mall, Bangalore
Special thanks to PR Pundit, a beautifully organized event it was.

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