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Let me sit back and relax. For I just have a few moments. A few moments of solace and inner peace which somehow has been very difficult to find. Let me breath before my mind is completely awake and before it brings back all the memories and the maddening cluster of thoughts, driving me restless and anxious. Let me sit back and relax. Take a stroll down the memory lane. Flip through my old journal and go through these beautiful notes and pictures. And after that smile has faded again, let me smell this dry-almost dead flower, which, with every sniff, turns as fresh as it was that day, while the breeze tries to sneak in through the window I left open last night. Sneak in only to team up with this almost dead flower, to freshens up the pictures in my head. And with the moist smell it brings back the smile on my face I had that day. Let me sit back and relax. And take a moment to admire myself. And then look at the cracked heels that I haven’t been paying much attention to. Observe my chipped nails that have been bothering me and crying for attention, for about a week now. Let me sit back and relax. And run my fingers through my hair and stare into the mirror. There is this strange silence, like the one before a storm. And then cutting through the silence, I hear this meek voice that says you’re beautiful. And that it’s all going to be okay. Unsure about the voice, and who that was, I smile and stare into the mirror while I apply my favorite lip color. Put my clothes on and get ready for a long day ahead. A long day filled with people, work, noise, smiles, arguments. Let me sit back and relax. For I just have a few moments. A few moments of peace before the storm.

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In a collaboration with Lee, I am wearing some of the denims from their new Stretch Deluxe collection. Been wearing Lee since my school days and it’s quite surprising that they still don’t disappoint me, with their collections and innovations. And this range is for us, for the women of today. The satin ribbon packaging is a delight to look at. And because comfort comes first, the best part about this new line is the material that has been used. Super soft and comfy it looks and feels. Must mention the amount of attention that has been paid to the construction bit, taking care of the finest details like darts, seams, stitches, finishing which all come together to make a denim perfect for day wear and also apt for a night out. The faded golden trims add a touch of glamour and luxury. And because I have spent enough time in almost all the designs from the range, almost an entire day, it truly is for the women of today, for us women, who step out early and master the art of balancing both work and fun.

Denims : Stretch Deluxe by Lee (SHOP) | 
Denim Shirt : Thrifted | Black Crop Top : Forever 21 | White T shirt : Jack and Jones | 
Lip Color : Blush Pink by Elle 18 & Shy Cherry by Colorbar |

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