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I am back with a list of tracks that I have been listening to. Over and Over again. On loop. Non stop.
Just realised that i’s been a while I shared music.

So here it is :

1. Shura – Touch

2. Hiatus and Shura – Fortune’s Fool

3. Tantrum Desires – Genesis

4. Shura – Just Once

5. Ali Farka Toure – Ai Du

6. Years & Years – Take Shelter

7. Hiatus – Save Yourself

8. Blake Shelton – Sangria

9. Joywave – Somebody New

10. Rhye – Open

11. Nouvelle Vague – Ever Fallen In Love

Presenting to you a collaboration with Blur Designs. I have been an avid lover of their designs and the brilliant products that they store. Each time I go through their website, I scroll non stop for hours, mostly making up my mind on what looks the best out of their collection. It’s a tough task, trust me. It takes me more than two hours contemplating what to order and what not to, the entire process usually ending up with me shutting down the tab, so indecisive, gah.


Wearing this uber cool sunnies with this latest (Sale) pick from Zara, the black slit top. Paired these with this old white skort , the mint sandals and these super pretty tassel earrings. If you have been following my instagram account or know me in person, you for sure know that I am a total Earring freak. And these earrings are absolutely gorgeous. My new love these are. Yeah, I don’t stick to things for too long, you know. Anyway, finishing the look are these bindis I placed on my neck and on the legs, taking inspiration from the tribal body ornamentation. I think I have been subconsciously obsessing over tattoos, and body art/ornamentation for a while now. Oh and I had to dig deep into my lipstick box to find this old fav color, this gorgeous coral red clip color that my mom gave me a couple of years ago.

Sunglasses (SHOP), Earrings (SHOP) and Sandals (SHOP) : Blur Designs | Top : Zara | Skort : Stylholic
| Lip Color : Coral Red by Oriflame |

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