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Plunging into various phases and modes, I go through many of these. Some sensible, some not and some that should be kept to myself. For instance, Earring Mode. It is when I ditch all other accessories and stick only with Earrings. Until I unknowingly and slowly slip into the other phase, there’s only splurging and drooling over Earrings. Now and then, the temporary phase kicks in when I hate to shampoo my hair. Anywho, with

A post about simple hairdos that I opt for, in day to day life.

Almost Everyday

Hairstyles or Hairdos, apart from shoes and lip colors etc. prove to be a vital mood brightener and complete that look within minutes, when you stand wondering about 'What's missing' in front of the mirror for almost thirty minutes. Yes, I do. The smallest change in the hairdo, like a side braid or a slightly higher pony can make the sun shine brighter and the day happeir. Sharing a few simple hairdos that I tend to stick

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Deep Red Love

 Memories from my younger days of my mom making these pretty clothes for me, are still so vivid. Tiny Rompers, Frocks, Scarfs etc. I remember her making almost everything possible related with Apparels and Home furnishings. Thanks to her that I have since the beginning enjoyed DIY. And when Juice Magazine by Jabong, asked me to make some DIY jewellery for their #SuperBloggers Issue of July 2015, I couldn't think of anything but Earrings, being a total

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Lovers With Robot Veins

Clutching me tight with his cold sturdy hands. Pulling me close, he says : We are nothing but lovers with Robot Veins. Abandoned on a barren land. With nowhere to go. Running out of Time. Running out of Emotions. There ins’t nothing but a wait. An unbearable wait. Wait till we both turn rigid and stony. Feel nothing but hollow. Covered in holed robes. Protective mirror shields. Preventing the thorns of desolation pierce through. Pierce through our

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Interlaced Love

I have been thinking about how these outfit posts have become a little monotonous maybe, no? And then while thinking of the next post I thought maybe I should start sharing my work with you guys, that would be a fine idea. Specially a lot of DIY jewelries and other products that I make now and then for various college projects. Under the course of Textile Design, we are taught a various techniques like Tie n