A Backyard Summer

Hot afternoons, quiet evenings. Silent trees, waiting to be caressed by the wind. Standing tall, from the moment the sun filters through the windows, till the sky prepares for bed with the starry blanket. Dry crunchy leaves on the sidewalk. A bunch of birds. Restless insects, hanging clothes. Tender coconuts, drying throats. Noon naps and the lullabic sound of fan the blades. Small errands in the scorching heat. Sticky skin, wet riverbank. Flowers staring at

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Feat. Pushpak Vimaan For someone who is mostly surrounded by Djs and Music Producers, conversations seem to be repetitive, time over again. At home, talking about music, listening to promos. Out for a gig, discussing how great the act is. Away for a small trip, sitting on the most awesome roof top place, concerned debates about what direction is the music industry is headed to, with the so not required politics and arrogance. Used the

A series of photos, from a regular day, mundane things and things around the house, with a little something that's running in my mind.

Two Sides

Shirt : Zara | Pants : Vajor | Choker : DIY With hair that's racing with time, growing back so quick, leading up to the ultimate unavoidable consequences, like a drastic transformation in personal style and a much needed clearance of the cram-full wardrobe. An abode that I have grown out of, yet re-think about moving out, because of the million memories and get togethers that it has been the spot for. A silent mental

A series of photos featuring Gol Dress from Aish Life, along with a few mood shots from the daily life.


Dress : AISH | Choker : DIY A few pictures from different days, different places, with non-identical moods, portraying an array of visual textures and feel. Just like the ones that I see and imagine while I listen to these beautiful tracks, each one with it's unique touch, and together a diverse range. 1. This Empty Northern Hemisphere - Gregory Alan Isakov 2.Soul Shake (1991 Remix) - My Nu Leng and Flava D 3. The World - Earlymart 4. The

A series of portraits and flowers and nature. Featuring Wooplr and Aishlife Clothing.

Seldom Pauses

Dress : AISH | Earrings : Dhora India Just yesterday I happened to discover a new label of personalities, Extroverted-Introverts. The blend of both Extroverts and Introverts, simple as that. Now I couldn't be happier since I quite often get tired of being torn between the need of being somewhere and the inner desire to stay away; and having to explain the same. Being active in the music industry, lately I have been hearing people

Two Dungaree Looks, comfortable and summery, feat. Razzle Dazzle Pickle and Wooplr.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut. In the flaming sun and the scorching heat. The warm breeze making you only more thirsty with every sip of water that you take. Dry chapped lips and the sweat dripping from your forehead, falling on the neck, forming a microscopic salty piece of art of it’s own kind. A long list of things to do, places to go to. Staring at the sun, covering your eyes with half a salute, getting a

Razzle Dazzle Pickle _ Summer Palace _ ITR by Khyati Pande and The Chalk Boutique _ Ritu Arya

Echoes and Impressions

Now and then when I cross an abandoned building, a small turmoil takes place in my stomach. And before I even finish passing by the building, or even think of a halt, I end up weaving an entire story about the place, the people who must have lived there, spent all their lives, watched their children grow and so on. And of the situations that must have led them to hand over the place to

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Facades, Facets and Faces – Maharashtra | Part I

Mumbai, a city that I love to travel to, and want to escape the moment I reach. The city that I have had a very strange bittersweet relationship with, through some pictures. For sometimes the words fail to describe these feelings. And a few tracks I have been listening to : - The XX by Fiction - Underworld by Sy:Rax - Fun House by Delta Heavy - Ever Fallen In Love by Nouvelle Vague - Bad Karma by Axel Thesleff

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Not So Far

It's been a while that I for many reasons have been avoid social gatherings. And of course, yes, I have mentioned that a million times on the blog. And here I am, placed in this gorgeous place nestled in the centre of the busy Bandra in Mumbai, and attending the Fashion Week every day. Last two days have been about nothing else but all about shows, people, cameras, and tons of conversations. Long days, everyday.

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Free and Fickle

As a child I wasn’t much of an introvert. Gathering from the faint memories, I am quite sure of it. The change happened amidst the process of growing up, learning how to take up responsibilities, the pressure of maintaining grades, trying to be better at basketball and ping pong, to not sweat during extempores, learning how to sit like a lady, and all things similar. Then came the days of running back to my room,