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Echoes and Impressions

Now and then when I cross an abandoned building, a small turmoil takes place in my stomach. And before I even finish passing by the building, or even think of a halt, I end up weaving an entire story about the place, the people who must have lived there, spent all their lives, watched their children grow and so on. And of the situations that must have led them to hand over the place to

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Unnoticed Transitions

Another new year, another new set of resolutions that are born with excitement but wither as the days go by, making the initial plans morph into what is bound to happen. Mundane routines seem like it’s stuck forever, but we never see the day-to-day changes that do happen, it’s only when we look back to the same day last year, we’ve accomplished and experienced so many things that have made us become who we are

Razzle Dazzle Pickle and Burberry

After The Rain Has Stopped

Sitting by the fireplace in the warmest of the clothes, a scarf wrapped around your neck and feet in the woollen knee high socks. Petting your little husky, whose blue eyes tinkle now and then with the fire’s reflection, in the dark cozy room, while it rains outside. The cold breeze and droplets knocking on the door and teasing the window curtains. You fall asleep and wake up with the sweet smell of the earth

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No Tides

Lying on the shore of a quiet beach, soaking the warm sun in a fantastic swimwear, with high waves humming a tune, that call you out now and then to feel the water and sand run through your feet. Quite a holiday picture, isn’t it? And such a picture my mind painted when I received this Pretty Peplum Swimwear from Pretty Secrets.com. Since it was the first time for a Swimwear shoot, the feeling of


Down By The Riverside

We all have a Bucket list, and a visit to Kerala was added to mine a long time ago. After a couple of plans during school and last minute cancellations, I finally got lucky. We were all invited to a beautiful traditional Kerala wedding right in the middle of monsoon, one of the best times to be there. From buying the first Kerala saree to planning the ensembles, everything about it kept me giddy &

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Habits Of My Heart

“And there were always those nights where she preferred the rain over people. Because the rain would remind her of how she should feel and people would remind her of the things she always wanted to forget.” – R.M Drake   Photography : Debjyoti Das | thatPhotographerwithHeadphones   Sitting at my place, cloud gazing from the balcony. Yet again the beautiful weather here in my city, Bangalore, manages to touch me deep down. Blame it

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Nothing But Time

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.”  ― Maya Angelou   It is quite heartbreaking for me to see that I haven't been able to post much. It's really not fair that we have only twenty four hours in a day, there is so much to do right! Life after college has been pretty awesome, no more submissions, but then these zillion projects and mails,