All By Ourselves

Things that take over our minds, by the sea shore, by a cottage on the hills, by the window on a rainy day or while walking amidst the tall trees in a jungle. We are forever on an endless search fuelled by the never ending train of thoughts, looking for something we don’t know of. Carrying along the memories that stay, memories that haunt. Unexpected companions tagging along in the journey. A long expedition towards

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Petrichor and Ponderings

Rainy Days. Bringing back those bittersweet memories. And washing away some, a little each time. Petrichor growing on me, Strengthening this longing, an unknown one. I try to sink into some wine and books, while the rain sound fades away in the background. Raindrops on the berries, Filling up the void space in my heart. Such vivid and consuming thoughts, leaving my heart restless. Troubling, soothing, disturbing, confused rains, on a rainy day. A Rainy

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No Tides

Lying on the shore of a quiet beach, soaking the warm sun in a fantastic swimwear, with high waves humming a tune, that call you out now and then to feel the water and sand run through your feet. Quite a holiday picture, isn’t it? And such a picture my mind painted when I received this Pretty Peplum Swimwear from Pretty Since it was the first time for a Swimwear shoot, the feeling of

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The World Is Ours

Summers aren't all that pleasing. Of course not. Very much of a Winter soul, the only reason I like summers, is because the weather allows you to wear the best of the colors while you soak under the sun on the beach, in that bright patterned swimsuit and big sunnies, with a Margarita next to you and happy thoughts floating in your mind. So, here is a list of songs that might make this summer a little more easy. 1.


Fashion and Music Diaries | Bangalore | Part I

" It is hard to imagine life without Music and Fashion, it really is. For both of them make life beautiful, fun and easy. " Music and Fashion. Undeniably the most important elements in our lives. Talking about Music, what would life without music be like? Um, Colorless, Soulless and dreary? Horrifying to cut it short. After all, in my belief, music enhances a moment of happiness, or could help you release your pain. Or help you

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Make It Easy

"Thank god for Music and Fashion in life. They have been my companions for a long while now, and it’s wonderful how both of these play versatile roles. In certain situations, they can intensify your happiness. And help you release or conceal your pain, in others." Another list of tracks I have been hooked on, since forever. For I believe, there is nothing greater than sharing Love, Happiness, Knowledge and Music. •  Junoon - Bombay Dub Orchestra

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Kingfisher The Great Indian Octoberfest ’14 Giveaway

This week, this month has been crazy! CRAZY.  Festivals, music tours, wonderful artists, fashion events, etc etc. I am surprised how did I manage to survive the chaos. Well, as I always say, Music, of course music helped. Now just add a pint (or many pints) of beer to the picture. Excite, right? Here with another giveaway, to make this month even more merrier for you guys. Giving away a couple pass to the winner,

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Nothing But Time

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.”  ― Maya Angelou   It is quite heartbreaking for me to see that I haven't been able to post much. It's really not fair that we have only twenty four hours in a day, there is so much to do right! Life after college has been pretty awesome, no more submissions, but then these zillion projects and mails,

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The Wait

Got a ticket for a world where we belong, So would you be my baby? She's taking her time making up the reasons To justify all the hurt inside Guess she knows from the smile and the look in their eyes Everyone's got a theory about the bitter one But somewhere in a private place She packs her bags for outer space And now she's waiting for the right kind of pilot to come And she'll say

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So Many Ways

"There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time!" - Coco Chanel Living by these words lately. Graduation Project work, Blogging, managing Debjyoti's gigs, and the events, pretty much defines my life these days. Busy life, that's all I ever wanted, and here I have it! And needless to say, you need something to keep you up on your toes, to work, work