Razzle Dazzle Pickle Travel _ Mysore and Ramanagara

Facades, Facets and Faces – Karnataka | Part I

Years that I've been trying and weaving stories around being lost in the nature. Years I have been holding this desire of traveling all around the globe, our country to begin with. Dreaming of owning a cottage amidst the nowheres, surrounded with thick forests and mist. And probably another one with the window facing the ocean. All things big start with a small step, and with this year having picked it's pace to the fullest, I

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Unnoticed Transitions

Another new year, another new set of resolutions that are born with excitement but wither as the days go by, making the initial plans morph into what is bound to happen. Mundane routines seem like it’s stuck forever, but we never see the day-to-day changes that do happen, it’s only when we look back to the same day last year, we’ve accomplished and experienced so many things that have made us become who we are

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She Sprints

A world of her own. World close to where the flowers bloom. Near to where the water flows. She sprints. Chasing the Illusion, escaping the delusion. Getting carried away, losing time, losing count. Mimosas & leaves are her playthings and grass her carpet. Sits down when out of breath. Looking back, a quick flashback at the memories made, things learnt. Waking up with the rain showers. Droplets dripping through the bamboo roof. Leaving footprints, peeking

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Tattva : Earth

We, humans, have been granted with some of the most marvellous gifts that we, with a predisposed mind, often forget to remember and express gratitude for. I speak of the elements of nature and life, ones that we probably wouldn’t exist without. Elements that represent the essential senses that we experience. The five elements, as mentioned by different religions and cultures, that are the basic building blocks of life on this planet - Earth, Fire,

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Slowing Down

As busy as the city looks, our individual lives feel even more hectic. Constant floods of work; emails, shoots, meetings, socializing, events and so forth. Racing against time to complete deadlines, sometimes external factors deter it, making it even more stressful. During this entire fiasco, you feel like throwing everything away and quitting, thinking 'enough-is-enough', but at the same time, you love it all. You want to wake up every morning knowing that what you

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Petrichor and Ponderings

Rainy Days. Bringing back those bittersweet memories. And washing away some, a little each time. Petrichor growing on me, Strengthening this longing, an unknown one. I try to sink into some wine and books, while the rain sound fades away in the background. Raindrops on the berries, Filling up the void space in my heart. Such vivid and consuming thoughts, leaving my heart restless. Troubling, soothing, disturbing, confused rains, on a rainy day. A Rainy


Down By The Riverside

We all have a Bucket list, and a visit to Kerala was added to mine a long time ago. After a couple of plans during school and last minute cancellations, I finally got lucky. We were all invited to a beautiful traditional Kerala wedding right in the middle of monsoon, one of the best times to be there. From buying the first Kerala saree to planning the ensembles, everything about it kept me giddy &

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Gone Fragile

One of the eight principles of the universe says, “The universe demands balance”. The key to that would be to find balance within ourselves, or at least be comforted to know that it can be achieved. The vision of desires are ever so clear, just the blurry path laid with never-ending thorn-filled obstacles. Confined between hypocritical walls. Walls of time built up by expectations, causing an inner wildfire of emotions. Levitating above the chaos we


What Is Love?

A question that I still haven't found an answer to. What is love? The greatest emotion of all? Something that holds us all together? Is love to make sure that your loved one is okay and doing alright, even if you do not get to be with them? Is it to spend a lifetime together without any regrets? Is it that smile that you have when you wake up next to your loved one, every

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Memories Of Another Day

Changes. Bitter, frightening. Um, no, not that I am really scared of changes. But then my mind and heart has been looking for an answer. How much of a change is good? And not painful. Every day I wake up thinking that today might be the day when I would find an answer and figure a way out of this trap. But the wait has been way too long. Way too long. Oh, this endless wait