Razzle Dazzle Pickle _ Summer Palace _ ITR by Khyati Pande and The Chalk Boutique _ Ritu Arya

Echoes and Impressions

Now and then when I cross an abandoned building, a small turmoil takes place in my stomach. And before I even finish passing by the building, or even think of a halt, I end up weaving an entire story about the place, the people who must have lived there, spent all their lives, watched their children grow and so on. And of the situations that must have led them to hand over the place to

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Facades, Facets and Faces – Maharashtra | Part I

Mumbai, a city that I love to travel to, and want to escape the moment I reach. The city that I have had a very strange bittersweet relationship with, through some pictures. For sometimes the words fail to describe these feelings. And a few tracks I have been listening to : - The XX by Fiction - Underworld by Sy:Rax - Fun House by Delta Heavy - Ever Fallen In Love by Nouvelle Vague - Bad Karma by Axel Thesleff

Razzle Dazzle Pickle Travel _ Mysore and Ramanagara

Facades, Facets and Faces – Karnataka | Part I

Years that I've been trying and weaving stories around being lost in the nature. Years I have been holding this desire of traveling all around the globe, our country to begin with. Dreaming of owning a cottage amidst the nowheres, surrounded with thick forests and mist. And probably another one with the window facing the ocean. All things big start with a small step, and with this year having picked it's pace to the fullest, I


Down By The Riverside

We all have a Bucket list, and a visit to Kerala was added to mine a long time ago. After a couple of plans during school and last minute cancellations, I finally got lucky. We were all invited to a beautiful traditional Kerala wedding right in the middle of monsoon, one of the best times to be there. From buying the first Kerala saree to planning the ensembles, everything about it kept me giddy &


What Is Love?

A question that I still haven't found an answer to. What is love? The greatest emotion of all? Something that holds us all together? Is love to make sure that your loved one is okay and doing alright, even if you do not get to be with them? Is it to spend a lifetime together without any regrets? Is it that smile that you have when you wake up next to your loved one, every

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Take Me Back

So remember how I kept mentioning about my heart dealing with this constant yearning to travel. For a small break, a trip to some place away. It finally happened, super short trip though but yes. As it was obvious from my Instagram Profile, I made a trip to Goa, like everyone else, in the month of December. It was mainly The Laboratoire stage with a never-seen-before DnB Lineup at the Supersonic Fest that pulled us to