Earrings _ Final _ 2

 Memories from my younger days of my mom making these pretty clothes for me, are still so vivid. Tiny Rompers, Frocks, Scarfs etc. I remember her making almost everything possible related with Apparels and Home furnishings. Thanks to her that I have since the beginning enjoyed DIY. And when Juice Magazine by Jabong, asked me to make some DIY jewellery for their #SuperBloggers Issue of July 2015, I couldn’t think of anything but Earrings, being a total Earring person that I am. Been obsessed with all things Tassels, I made these Earrings using Embroidery thread and Chains and loops etc.

Process :

Keep all the material on a flat surface, along with a pair of Scissors and Pliers.
Start by connecting the ear hook to the triangular to make a short link chain.
Attach a jump ring at the end of the Tassels.
Cut four pieces of the chain, each 1.5 inches long.
Hold two of the cut chains from the middle, dividing the length in exact halves.
Slide the end of the chains on to the jump ring connected to the last triangular loop.
Lay the skein of embroidery thread flat. Cut it from the middle. The length is up to you and depends on how long you want the earrings to be.
Hold the thread bunch from the middle and push it up through the bead cap. Slide another jump ring through the threads. Trim the ends to make them even.
Repeat to make four of these thread tassels.
Attach the jump rings to the dangling golden chain.
Earrings _ Final _ 1
Earrings _ Final _ 3
Earrings _ Look
Ritu Arya for Juice Magazine July 2015

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