It was only yesterday that I had an interesting conversation with a dear friend of mine. About spectacle frames. About how he is in a state of dilemma. To keep the glasses or to get rid of them. And this conversation began after I mentioned how I was approached by 2-3 people at a club last night, who thought my glasses made me look interesting. Too kind of them.  Well, this happens quite often, maybe because it’s a comparative rare sight to see people in glasses, when out for any sort of social event.

I personally have had quite a hate-love relationship with spectacles. During my school days, it was my late grandfather who spotted me watching TV with my eyelids partially closed. Which was followed by a round of annoying Question-Answers, Why-How-When, which then led to an emotional mayhem. Typically I should have been distressed like most of the women around, who start worrying about their looks. But I was rather excited, maybe because I was too young to figure what I really wanted. Any sort of new experience seems to be too cool, during such a fragile age.The next day was somewhat eventful I would say. Visit to a doctor, those fascinating equipments. Long drives and tiring walks to various shops. A quest to find the perfect frames. I feel sorry for my parents now, for I have always been extremely choosy. After a not so happy find, next day at school was spent answering a zillion questions again. Remembering the fights with my brother which ultimately resulted in destruction, brings a smile on my face. Unsure about this, but I think I always wished for my brother to hit me harder so that my glasses would break and not his. Of course because that was the only way of discarding the existing boring frames, an attempt to find something fancier if at all I could. I have mentioned in the previous post about how there were very less options then. It was only later in my junior college, when suddenly the glasses started to bother me and made me insecure. Maybe because I wanted to look nice (read normal) like the other girls did. Not like I never enjoyed rains during school with the glasses, but in college now rains started to upset me. A rainy day meant Keep-Cleaning-Your Glasses-Every-Five Minutes, in order to see clearly. While other girls/guys screamed in joy, like any normal living being would. A small talk with my parents about what I was going through mentally, and I got contacts. The insecurities vanished into thin air and world seemed to be a prettier place to live in. I could enjoy the rains again. During my senior school days I returned to wearing powered glasses for a short period of time.

Those days are gone. Done with Junior college, Senior college, and a fresh graduate now. And for four years now I cannot step out without my Geeky-Decorative glasses even though I still continue to wear contacts. I don’t anymore feel insecure when I go out. I know I still look presentable and more than anything I look like me. I have come to believe that wearing glasses because one’s eyesight is not correct, is nothing to be ashamed of. It makes me only happy that people have stopped looking down upon the spectacle-d faces in the recent times, and that they try to see what’s beneath it. A face, and a pretty heart maybe. Leaving the emotional bit aside and coming to the real issue about wearing spectacles, not being able to find something fashionable. Which was a problem of the yesteryear. I cannot even begin to write about the choices that we have today. From a tiny shop in some street, to a small brand or a big designer label, they are all in this never ending race of conquering each other, to provide something new to the consumers. Which is nothing but beneficial for the poor sighted us.

Everybody needs to understand that spectacles don’t take something away, in fact they can add a little drama to one’s face, in my point of view. They could act like a beauty enhancing tool, if selected carefully. I would rather put my geeky glasses on when a picture moment comes up, and not shyly take them off. So I suggest even you shouldn’t. Be proud of your looks, and spread the #Spexappeal. For all those people who feel not so confident in those glasses; dump them insecurities and embarrassment, instead focus on how to select a pair that suits you just right. Pick a few options keeping various factors like your face type, shape, occasion etc. in mind. Start frame – hunting instead of complaining maybe? For there is a wide array for frames available, and most of them are pocket friendly too.

I stick by my words because, with my glasses I feel nothing but #Spexy. 


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