One of the eight principles of the universe says, “The universe demands balance”. The key to that would be to find balance within ourselves, or at least be comforted to know that it can be achieved. The vision of desires are ever so clear, just the blurry path laid with never-ending thorn-filled obstacles. Confined between hypocritical walls. Walls of time built up by expectations, causing an inner wildfire of emotions. Levitating above the chaos we find on ground seeking solace and clarity.

The All-Black attire reflects a longingness within, while projecting skin-level confidence. Skirt Pants, Bindi and Antique Neckpiece portray a warrior-like personality who is unaware of what lies ahead but at the same time is always strong and sturdy, come what may.

Skants : Ninja Skirt Pants I by BIAS | Shrug : Stalk Buy Love | Crop Top : Ni Hao Fashion |
Silver Septum Cuff and Neckpiece: Commercial Street | Lipcolor : Sultry Pink


Photography and Post ProductionthatPhotographerwithHeadphones


  • Stuti

    Wow, the photography & outfit are both absolutely stunning!

  • Aurelie | Surface85

    Lovely shoot! I try to live a balanced life, it’s one of my main goal. It’s not easy everyday but that’s why it’s worth the effort. I really enjoy your writing!

    Aurelie, http://www.surface85.com


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