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So, today while taking one of those small breaks that prevent you from smashing your head against the wall at work, I decided to go through the latest issue of Elle. Pretty minty cover with one of the young actresses of the present time, with a lot of fashion updates and articles etc. But what grabbed my attention and made me think for a few seconds was the Editor’s Letter, starting with the word Happiness. One of the most written about topics for sure. And I often find myself in such situations where my mind continues to argue about the exact essence of happiness. And when I talk about such moments, I am sure I am not the only one. And now you are thinking of the same, ain’t you?
Happiness, well, let me see. Happiness to me is seeing my parents happy, healthy and
proud of me, helping someone in need, wearing a Saree, blogging, working, getting a compliment about my work or putting a bindi maybe? But somehow in this rat race, I realise that there is something missing. Inner peace, where did that go? What about the real happiness, peace and serenity? How often do we sit alone with a cup of tea, light a candle, with some soothing track in the background so soft that it still allows you to hear your own breathing?
For people who are always worried about work, and work and work, here is a suggestion for you. You got to stop and sit for a while, if only for a few minutes, and slow down. I know how important work is in today’s time, I belong to the same clan, someone who could give almost everything for work, because we think THAT makes us happy. Well, it does, I wouldn’t deny it. But don’t forget things that actually make you happy. Could be anything, being with someone, eating, travelling, or music. Do it! Eat healthy. Rise up early, have a cup of tea and lounge around while you get ready for work because you have a few extra minutes that you made by getting up early. Look at the sunrise, take pictures, feel the morning wind on your face. And I promise the world will seem to be happy and beautiful. Only when you take care of your true happiness and your health, everything else will fall into place. So, now take a break, sit and think what is it that you cherish the most. And take those happy pills, regularly.
So, what makes you happy? 

A very casual attire, wearing this polka dotted scarf for the second time here I think. Surprising, as it is my favorite out of all.  Since the day my only pair of sneakers have been peacefully resting in the corner of the shoe rack, I have been craving for another pair. Was really happy when these pretty babies arrived. Comfortable, needless to mention. And love how they add a pinch of cuteness, what do you think?

Floral Print Sneakers : Persunmall (SHOP) | Top : Splash | Shorts : Tibetan Plaza | Scarf : ONLY |
Cardigan : Allen Solly | Bag : Westside | On my lips : Peach Crush by Colorbar | Eye Makeup : Oriflame

PhotosUday Shanker

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