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Every morning they have a different story to tell unlike hers. 

She finds her space only at her home where she truly belongs. There’s been an incident which has never been told. She wakes up every morning with messy hair which she loves, she steps out and there’s reality she faces daily. She hates crowd, people, them ogling at her. She wears a bra and it shows, so what? She want to go away with a lover and never return. How she wishes she could be that 4 year old again who is pampered daily, is the center of attraction and dance with someone who feels the same way she does. Travel they say is the only thing you buy which makes you richer, what about happiness? How would she stop doubting everything when she has been lied to constantly and betrayed. She is the kind of person who loves to share and care but is taken for granted, always. Her work and family is the only thing that’s dear to her heart. She is motivated to reach greater heights and make a mark for herself and not die a nobody. Screw weekends, She loves getting high even on weekdays. No boring 9:00-6:00PM job, she likes to be free. And as I complete this story, she stands alone, gazing at how beautiful these clouds are. Every morning they have a different story to tell unlike hers.
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Dress : Asos | Earrings : Dastakar | Nail Color : Oriflame | Lip Color : Wicked Orange by ColorBar

Concept and Styling : Me

Photography and Post Production : thatPhotographerwithHeadphones

A special thanks to Mohammed Fuzail for the story.

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