It’s been a while. A long while that things have changed. The grass isn’t green anymore. The house doesn’t look so bright and beautiful like it used to. I don’t hear laughters no more. Heart isn’t as ecstatic as it used to be. There is nothing but emptiness now. No letters, no word. The only thing that remains the same and will, is this long wait. And a soul, waiting by the door. Not exactly sure of how long the wait could be. It could be forever. Standing by the door, wondering about how beautiful it all was, and why it all isn’t there anymore, unsure of what’s missing now. But deep down knowing things aren’t like how they used to be, and never will be the same. Not how it was when it was all here. Here with me.

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A collaboration with BCBGMaxazria, as they are here in India. The brand with the French phrase, “bon chic, bon genre,” meaning, “good style, good attitude”, has opened their very first store a couple of days ago, on the 10th of April, at the DLF Emporio Mall. As summer approaches, the Spring Summer collection is full of elegance and bohemian silhouettes. Apart from whites and black numbers, there are beautiful abstract floral and tapestry inspired prints in gorgeous subtle colors. Till I make a trip to Delhi, or they open a store here in Bangalore, go, go check out the store and the fresh collection.

Pleated Gown and Crossover Neckline Dress: BCBG | Lip Colors : Oriflame | Shoes : Blur Store 
| Ring : Friend's |
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Retouching : Deekshith K Suvarna

 Special thanks to Sunil for all the help, you are such a sweetheart.

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