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This month has rather been a little empty considering the number of posts I could come up with. Though I am glad I have been utilising my time planning more expressive content. Content that speaks my mind and heart, content that you could connect with and enjoy reading or looking at. Also taking out a little more time for myself doing what I enjoy. Music, reading, and meeting people. With a few new projects in mind and few upcoming short trips, this year looks only more exciting.

Quite pleased to introduce a new collaboration, with QuirkBox. Have been an avid lover of their charming prints and silhouettes. This much quirky color blocked Shift dress with a very original art illustration inspired by the Bombay Bandwalas is both comfortable and gorgeous. Decided to team it up with Nike Sky Hi Dunks and this maxi skirt, which l guess is the most used number from my wardrobe. Two more looks from the QuirkBox Collaboration to come soon on the blog.

Bombay Balloon Shift Dress : Quirkbox (SHOP)  | Maxi Skirt : ONLY | Nike Sky Hi Dunks | Shy Cherry Lip Color : Colorbar | Neckpiece (Worn as an Armlet here) : Commercial Street, Bangalore


Retouching : Deekshith K Suvarna

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