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Each time I want to get something inked on my body, there is nothing but a commotion in my head. There is so much to say, and there isn’t enough space. So, I get back to figuring a way out to shorten my story which only gets lengthier and interesting with time.

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Probably since I didn’t even know much about Tattoos and getting the body inked, I have been drawing things/shapes on my hands, legs, siblings, all the possible places/things/people. Remember when you woke up with a moustache, a fake one, but the one made using a permanent marker? Yes, the one that you sister/brother drew on you? Oh well, we have all had such experiences, once for sure. And then, there were these candies that came with free temporary tattoos. Quite a statement to school they made, didn’t they. Endless discussions and fights and arguments and excitement about them, it never stopped. Ah, good-old-young days.

Later came the time we all grew up a little and grew tired of these temporary tattoos. They wouldn’t suit our age or our taste. And now, it’s been a while that I have been contemplating getting a permanent tattoo, which according to me is a great way to ornament your body and also speak your mind. And when I was sent these beautiful and almost real temporary tattoos from Gumtoo, a company based out of Singapore, all these childhood memories came rushing back to me. Nothing different from those childhood tattoos in terms of easy application, but these only stay longer, look almost real, and you can find something that speaks your mind.

The brilliant designers at Gumtoo make these chic Designer Temporary Tattoos. Geometrical, Quirky, Typographical, Retro, they have a wide array of themes. Monster and animals for kids, and beach tattoos if you are going out for some sun soaking. Wether it’s your birthday, Halloween or Christmas, or you are throwing a theme party, there are innumerable options available to make it all fun. Metallic Tribal Tattoos that are quite popular these days, are also available in multiple design options. Oh, and if you have something specific in your mind, the Gumtoo team is more than happy to make you a customized piece. The tattoos are non-toxic and super safe to use. I was quite surprised that these tattoos didn’t come off for at least a good span of 4-5 days, and that water doesn’t affect them much.

To remove them, all you have to do is use baby oil, and gently rub it off your skin.

How to Use :

1. Decide where on the body you want the Tattoo to go.

2. Clean the area with some water and soap. Make sure that the skin is clean, and free of any oil that might not let the design sit on the skin properly.

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Select the Tattoo that you want to use.
Keep some water ready along with a piece of cloth.
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Peel off the protective plastic surface.
Place the Tattoo Sheet on the body. Make sure you have placed it right and not upside down.
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Press the Tattoo Sheet stably on the skin.
Dip the cloth in the water bowl. Now hold the damp cloth against the back of the Tattoo.
Make sure the Tattoo back is thoroughly wet.
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Hold it. Don't move. For about 30 seconds.
Slowly peel off the sheet now. If the job is done, the sheet will come off smoothly, if it isn't so, 
put it back and wait for a few more seconds.
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Here are my favorite picks from their collection.

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