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Another #24HoursInTheCity series for LEE, and I collaborated with this handsome from Stranger in Suede. Have known Uday for about 4 years now and thus the planning bit of the shoot wasn’t difficult at all. We decided to stick with our own styles and picked a few places that we love. Entire series was shot in one day, a big thank you to the photographers. Featuring some of the most comfortable denims from the brand’s collection, we here have weaved a story of how a day usually is in the city.

The day started with a cup of coffee and some yum breakfast at the very well known joint here in Bangalore, Airlines Hotel. Tons of people start to pour in here, starting right with the break of the dawn, all from different walks of life. Dressed in comfy denims and shirt/cardigan and our fav kicks we sat there for quite a while looking around and observing the place and people, before we looked at the watch and realised it was time to move ahead. Our second stop was this gorgeous quiet spot in the middle of a crowded area. I remember going to this cafe nearby a few months ago and to avoid the dull wait for the same, I decided to walk around. And that’s when I discovered this long path with noting but trees on one side, and a few administrative buildings on the other. The beauty and the peace of the place is surprisingly so untouched by the chaos right outside it. Next thing in the day was to try something new, which I’ve meaning to, for a while now. I happen to know quite a few people who are into Skate Boarding, and Uday is one of them. It took me sometime to even stand on the board, since it was my first time at it. But we all waited for me to be confident enough to stand on the board and be able to at least move. Took us at least an hour I guess. Much fun regardless of the time taken. The setting sun, a bunch of people playing their own sports and games here and there and us laughing and running around. After taking a short break, we headed to the busiest and the brightest street of the city, Brigade Road. Some of them out for pubbing/clubbing or shopping and some of them just out to watch others, this city has a crazy footfall, specially on a weekend. Shiny lights, decked up peeps and tons of shops, Bangalore Brigade livens up everyday. Walking towards MG Metro, calling it a day, we took the trains back to our abodes. To start another regular day later.

Photography and Post Production : thatPhotographerwithHeadphones