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This week, this month has been crazy! CRAZY. 
Festivals, music tours, wonderful artists, fashion events, etc etc. I am surprised how did I manage to survive the chaos. Well, as I always say, Music, of course music helped. Now just add a pint (or many pints) of beer to the picture. Excite, right? Here with another giveaway, to make this month even more merrier for you guys.
Giving away a couple pass to the winner, go and enjoy all the three days at the fest, with your closest one. Will also pick a runner up who gets to free pass for Saturday or Sunday, you pick.
Here is what you need to do :
1. Just let me know your favorite artist from the lineup and tell me why you like them.
(Here in the blog post or go to the related links on Facebook Page)
2. Leave your number and email id, do not forget.
TGIOF 2014 artist line-up (1)
Simple, eh? Get going. I announce the results by 16th noon, not much time you have.
Octoberfest creative (2)

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