Now and then, quite often, I think of how quickly time has gone by. Life being full of ups and downs and me being an ordinary human, I miss my childhood days. The days of being carefree with the liberty of being oblivious. The days of only being pampered, with the least amount of responsibilities and expectations to live up to. Days when being gullible and naive couldn’t possibly bring any trouble because our parents were there to fix it and back us up.

Growing up in this big, high-ceilinged government quarters allotted to dad, along with a few other houses for the other staff members, is a memorable chapter of my life. The vivid images of the Birthday parties thrown each year, with hundreds of guests, fancy decorations, million gifts and the scrumptious Cake that my mom and my favorite aunt would make, still manage to put a smile on my face. I would run around the house recklessly in a Red-Green Lehenga, mostly happy seeing all my favorite people around, while each one would try to catch hold of me. I usually fell asleep much before the party got over. The house had a big ground outside and a spacious veranda inside, with plenty of space for me and other little kids to play all sort of games. The regular visits by the pigeons were delightful, and the occasional visits by Scorpions and Snakes scary. The Lantana Camara plant outside my house, protected by a round brick structure is probably the most unforgettable bit. Eating the plant’s berries was one of the absolute unimaginable and strange things I would eat. The sun never felt so harsh then, like it does now, and we would all cycle around the entire day in the scorching sun. The sound of the Ice Cream guys’ bell would make me spring up from the rare afternoon naps and run to the door. And then there are were all the clothes that mom made for me. We would roam around twinning in the same silhouette and same fabric clothes, the size being the only difference. Most of the things have changed, apart from the bond that I hold with my family, which has only grown stronger. Taking a walk down the memory lane and incapability to turn the clock back, comes with much restless accompanied with a broad beautiful smile, doesn’t it?

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Shirt : Zara | Skirt : Stalk Buy Love | Watch : Daniel Wellington |
Shoes : Bata | Septum Cuff : Amrapali Jewels | 
Lipcolor : Peach Crush by Colorbar

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Photography and Post Production : thatPhotographerwithHeadphones
Management : Praveen Achary

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