1600-550 _ Cover _ Melissa
I have always been very fascinated by different kinds of Fashion Illustrations, done by different artists, with each one portraying a unique style. It’s something that I intend to be good at and sadly I am still working on that!
 And it was very delighting when Melissa Corsari, a talented Fashion Illustrator from Italy got in touch for a collaboration and offered to do an illustration of one of my pictures. Melissa has been interested in drawings since she was a kid, and she worked on what she enjoys and also went to an art school to strengthen her skills. Her main focus is on Female figure because she thinks women embody a kind of beauty that is special and unique. She takes inspiration from Tv fashion shows, runways, magazines, music videos and artists from the past.
Connect with her on Facebook : Fashion Illustrations by MC
Get in touch with Melissa : melissa.corsari@hotmail.com
And I am super excited to present to you this artwork done by her.
Thank you so much Melissa, this is super cute, I absolutely adore it!

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