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Lines, and Structures defined by them. Put them in different scenarios and they could come together to mean something completely paradoxical. The border drawn between two countries, with just a line, dividing away a zillion people, even though their souls might be connected on a much bigger, solid ground. A three line sketch could be converted into a closed structure from an open one with the right placement of the fourth line. Curves, just another deviated line, only more versatile and useful. Look around. Everything, everything is made of lines, or ends up being one. And then, there is a fine controversial line between Fashion and Style.

Just yesterday, during a music concert, a conversation with a close friend brought this subconscious thought about the misinterpretation between the two, to the conscious surface. Probably one of the most noted and scribbled about topics, in the history of Fashion. And it’s surprising to see people still struggling to differentiate between the former and the latter. There are people who take things as they are given to them, and then there are folks who question the same and refuse to abide by the set of rules imposed upon them. They question, disobey, experiment, create and innovate. Without expecting you to follow their footsteps, instead, encouraging you to create your own. Your own identity. I believe there are no rules. For what ‘they’ thought wouldn’t look good about 10 years ago, are the ones preaching about the same now.

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Cropped Jacket : Via22 Melbourne [SHOP] | Denim : Zara |
Silver Neckpiece : Candidly Couture [SHOP] | Shoes : Bata | 
Septum Cuff : Amrapali Jewels | Lip Color : Peach Crush by Colorbar

Team :

Photography and Post Production : thatPhotographerwithHeadphones
Management : Praveen Achary

Starring ‘Jimmy’, the pug.
Special thanks to Mrs. Sangeeta Biswas.