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On a summer day. He wakes up as soon as the first rays of the new rising sun slowly spread in his abode. Warm rays filtering through the window curtains next to his bed, waking him up with much warmth and love. Pulling the curtains apart, he stares outside the window, and looks around gratefully. Grateful for a new day, new beginnings, and the soothing surroundings, which is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A slice of heaven he calls it. For there is nothing but the quiteness and stillness of the nature as far as his eyes can reach. It’s only him and his beautiful thoughts. Thoughts that allow him to practice kindness and compassion and create some of the finest poetry. Dedicating enough morning time to nourish the creative side, he finally steps out of the house. Steps out and feels the sun touch his core and the warm wind fidget with his hair. The sun shines and the clouds cover, only for him. Singing his favorite tracks out loud, all of them, one by one, and occasionally breaking into a few dance moves, he moves around the streets, spreading these vibes. Vibes that are as beautiful and comforting as his smile and words are. On a summer day.

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Introducing a new Photo series featuring the new collection called Jade Fusion by Lee. A collection which is Inspired by Humans and Made by Nature. The collection has a few brilliant elements that make these denims perfect for the Summer Season. Because no matter how much we all adore denims, it does become a little uncomfortable to spend an entire day in them, during the long summer days filled with much heat and pollution. The Jade denims have permanently infused jade yarn (made from fragments of real jade) which helps in temperature regulation. So in extreme heat, this denim is guaranteed to keep your skin fresh and cool. Also has the stretch factor which is much required for easy movement. And lastly the Lightweight Vapour Transmission technology, which manages the moisture from perspiration much better than regular denim. The lighter fabric and its custom designed loom make it easier in pushing sweat to the surface, leaving you dry and comfortable, round the clock.

Could we ask for more?

Denims : Jade Fusion by Lee
Look 1
Denim Shirt : Lee

Look 2 
On Azhar
 Basic White T shirt and Checkered Shirt : Lee | Shoes : Vans | Glasses : Spektre Sunglasses 
On Ritu 
Basic White T shirt : Lee | Denim Shirt : Thrifted | Shoes : Persunmall | Mirror Glasses : Choies |
Watch : Daniel Wellington | Lip Color : Peach Crush by Colorbar

Look 3
T Shirt : Lee | Shoes : Nike


Thank you Azhar, for being a part of this shoot. It was wonderful working with you.


Special thanks to Sunil and Ishwar.

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