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Do you also find it difficult to express yourself? Express your feelings and convey what’s on your mind? Alexithymia, they call it, I think. Even with the mode of communication becoming only quicker and fancier in today’s world, surprisingly expressing one’s feelings has become only more difficult. And we run out of words when it comes to speaking about the thoughts in our heads. We think twice before saying what we really mean. Don’t we? In my opinion it’s always better to find another mode of communication/expression, a method with no requirement of speaking or using words. A silent way to speak your mind, to vent out your emotions and feelings. So, how do you speak your mind? Do you write? Or paint a picture of the picture in your head? Find songs that best depict your mental state? Or make a new one? Do you Doddle? Dance? What is it? What let’s you speak your mind? Do you go lurking in the city streets searching for empty walls, at 3 am in the morning, and spray your mind and heart out? And look for a technique to say things without saying a word? Without people having to read it out loud to understand it? Or do you sit up all night writing and erasing words, and re-writing the words all over again, just to perfectly frame those random thoughts in your head? How do you voice your thoughts?

Expressing my summer state of mind in this outfit and these Wayfarer Style Sunglasses from the newest collection by Titan Eye Plus called ‘The EyeCatchers’, passing by this wall painted with someone’s chaotic thoughts, I struggle to be better at expressionism. Don’t forget to take a glance at The EyeCatchers collection, which has some ultra cool Mirror and the regular tinted glasses in Aviator, Wayfarer and even Cat Eye shaped frames, before you step out to explore the possible ways of expressions. Another series feat. more from the collection to be out soon.

Featuring : Eyecatchers by Titan Eye Plus.
White T shirt : Zara | Skater Skirt and Bag : Forever 21 | Shoes : Nike Sky Hi Dunks |
Watch : Gifted | Lip Color : Shy Cherry by Colorbar


Photography and Post ProductionthatPhotographerwithHeadphones


  • merinn

    Voice ur thoughts….well i also had found it difficult to convey my thoughts mainly coz no one really wanted to listen to me, evn if dey listened dey dnt wanna accept it. Then i startd gettng interest n photography i dnt hav a dslr or any degree bt i lov doing it. & i found dt evn d silence n my photographs gv voice to my thoughts……

  • Akanksha

    Truly loved your blog :) got so many cool outfit tips! thank you so much & one thing more loved stunning pics too :)


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