As busy as the city looks, our individual lives feel even more hectic. Constant floods of work; emails, shoots, meetings, socializing, events and so forth. Racing against time to complete deadlines, sometimes external factors deter it, making it even more stressful. During this entire fiasco, you feel like throwing everything away and quitting, thinking ‘enough-is-enough’, but at the same time, you love it all. You want to wake up every morning knowing that what you had set out to do with your life is exactly what you’re doing. Even though there are moments when you don’t even have time to catch a breath, it’s all worth it.

However, I’ve realized that you should always take a step back from time to time, take a day and wind down. Whether it’s to gather your thoughts, re-group and continue the pursuit of happiness, with even more focus, or simply just to catch that ‘breath’. The best place to do so, is sometimes right at home. Our parents have always told us this cliched line, at some point in our lives – “Home Sweet Home”. Nothing more truer than that. Maybe it’s the sigh of relief you breathe when you walk through the door, the contentment in seeing everything in it’s place, when everything around you changes. The cup you use to make your morning tea, the cushions to comfort you, the vases with your favorite flowers and the books that ignite your imagination while the warm sun filters down through the window. While the peace settles in, you look out of the balcony, watching others stuck in the middle of all the chaos.

Dress : Self Designed | Septum Cuff : Amrapali Jewels |
Lipcolor : Dusky Nude by Oriflame | 
Cushion Covers, Mugs, Card Holder, Passport Holder 
and Notebook : India Circus

Team :

Photography and Post Production : thatPhotographerwithHeadphones
Management : Praveen Achary

Special thanks to Niyati and her roommates for letting me use their lovely home for the shoot.

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