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Obscure. Lost. Unpredictable. Dreamer. Romantic.

A few words that I can relate with. There is this queer parallel universe that I float in, completely controlled and programmed by my mind. Mind that manages to completely suppress my heart’s say. Well, during one of those good days, the heart does get the joy of breaking the leash and then life for a while goes a little haywire. I forget the duties, the work load, the image that I think I have to live up to, and it is much fun. I laugh, get happy high, give and take love, stop caring about tomorrow and become indifferent to what’s happening around. And right in the middle of this crazy ass life party hosted my fragile heart, there is a knock on the door, and guess who it is! The Commander. Mind. And the party gets busted. Back to the usual controlled disciplined me. And then I can hear my heart sob somewhere in a corner, waiting to break free again!

No! All this isn’t from a movie. I wrote my heart out, almost. Yes, that’s my heart talking. Err. My Mind I mean.

I am not much into movies. Being from India, where everyday life gets inspired from Bollywood and vice versa, it might not be a very sweet and safe thing to say but until and unless there in nothing extraordinary about a movie, I find it an absolute waste of time. But then the publicity and promotions before a release, they reach out to someone as oblivious as me. One of the a few Bollywood movies that managed to catch my attention was Finding Fanny. Frankly, haven’t got time off work to go for the movie but then I was keeping an eye over the release and who-wore-what-where to the movie related promotional events. Plot revolving in and around Goa, and the pretty dresses that Deepika dons in the movie, and the movie being directed by one of the well known directors of the industry, are precisely the reasons I would like to watch this flick. So here is an outfit that shows my exact emotions right now and links up everything I blabbered. How I would want to be amidst the nature, waking up with messy hair, putting on that little white dress, and cover myself with a jacket when it gets cold and there is no one around. Free and Lost. Ain’t no Commander, and only my heart. That bag that would hold the only belongings I have, wearing my heart on my sleeve. (Umm, neck in the case.) And well, the boots, these are freaking amazing, aren’t’ they!
Also, somebody please take me for Finding Fanny!
White Lace Dress : Vero Moda
Denim Jacket : Ginger
Tan Sling Bag : Roselle
Heart Pendant : Toniq Accessories
Boots : Forever 21
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