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Been a while that I have been meaning to release these pictures. Too much to work on, and things have been quite crazy. How I wish there were more than twenty four hours in a day. Or maybe I need cut down on the ‘Staring-At-The-Wall’ time. Maybe.

So, here is the third look from the QuirkBox Series, feat. The Dolls Crop Top. With the adorable doll print and such soothing colors, this number according to me, is perfect to brighten up your day during this dull warm weather. Showing much versatility, this can go with almost everything, from Tattered mom denims to High waisted shorts. While styling this, I found one of the most ignored items in my wardrobe, these denim dungaree, which has been lying untouched, for about 2 years now. So here it is, along with my fav Nike Trainers and the cute Doll Print Crop Top, making a very relaxed casual look.

Dolls Crop Top : QuirkBox (SHOP) | Denim Dungarees : Tibetan Plaza, Bangalore | 
Nike Trainers | Lip Color : Pink Delight by Elle 18

Photography : thatPhotographerwithHeadphones

Retouching : Deekshith K Suvarna


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  • simol

    Really good pictures, bought this product right away :)


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