A series of photos with a blend of Blur Motion and Light Leaks, all styled with Indian jewels and fabrics.

Left In The Dark

Left in the dark. To thrive. To survive. To look for the lost drive. Left in the dark. To wither. To silently feel the smother. Left in the dark. To shy. To shush the heart while all it does is cry. To not be bleak, empty, wry. Left in the dark. To try. To try. Jewellery - Ritika Sachdeva and Zariin Creative Direction, Modelling, Styling, Edit and Words - Ritu Arya | Photography - Praveen

H&M X Kenzo

Watching You Watch Me

Feat. H&M X Kenzo Watching you, watch the world. Steal a glance. Wait. And ache. While you mumble to yourself. And hide. Watching you, look away. Watching you, broken. While you try. Try and pretend. Watching you want. With those silent eyes. Watching you, ache. And say nothing. Watching you. Watch me. Glasses - Pataaka Store | Rest - H&M X Kenzo Creative Direction, Modelling and Styling - Ritu Arya | Photography - Havra Hajoori | Video


Too Close To The Water

By the ocean, I stand. By the ocean, I wait and watch. Breathless. Petrified. For I am too close to the water, but not you. All I see is blue, but no where close is you. By the ocean, I stand. While I wait and watch. Look 1 - Top from Anokhi | Glasses from Pataaka | Denim Shorts from Forever 21. Look 2 - Top from Anokhi | Dress from Door of Maai | Earrings