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Earth _ 2
Fields _ Mountains
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Forest _ Rocks
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We, humans, have been granted with some of the most marvellous gifts that we, with a predisposed mind, often forget to remember and express gratitude for. I speak of the elements of nature and life, ones that we probably wouldn’t exist without. Elements that represent the essential senses that we experience. The five elements, as mentioned by different religions and cultures, that are the basic building blocks of life on this planet – Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky.

Introducing a new series, Tattva, a dedication to all these significant elements, capturing and representing them with the help of different techniques and mediums.

Beginning with Earth, the foundation of all the elements, that holds the utmost significance of life itself. Boundless textures and appearances, all equally stunning and incredible, earth is home to diverse life forms. Teaching us a silent lesson of giving and forgiving, nourishing-flourishing-supporting innumerable beings, earth is the epitome of strength and stability.

Here are a few photos, capturing a few textures and sub elements of Earth, with the method of double exposure. It took me a while to finish these and still isn’t anywhere close to what I had in mind. However I hope you enjoy these photos, while I conceptualise the representation of the other elements.

Vintage Dress : Candidly Couture

Team :

Photography : thatPhotographerwithHeadphones
Concept and Post Production : Ritu Arya
Management : Praveen Achary