1600-550 _ Cover

Winter- As soon as you say the word, you can feel the shiver down your spine. The cold air playing with your hair, a warm muffler wrapped round your neck and all what you can think of is your better half. All snug hand in hand till the end of time. Fashion, a word , with life of its own, its ways of  maneuvering things, just the same way as she slips inside her boyfriend’s shirt and styles the warmth of his muffler round her neck as she walks about the streets of Bangalore in the chilled air of winter.

A fun styling project with a dear batch mate of mine, Devesh Pant, who happens to be a talented Photographer-Stylist. See his work HERE.
ritu_bf shirt 5
ritu_bf shirt 8
ritu_bf shirt 9
ritu_bf shirt
ritu_bf shirt 4
Model: Ritu Arya | Styling: Devesh Pant | Ritu Arya | Photography: Devesh Pann | 
Location: Streets of Bangalore
See the project on Behance.

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