“Be yourself. Be yourself. Look around, everyone is screaming out loud : Be yourself. There are Articles, Videos, Talks, Discussions all over the Internet, about ‘Being Yourself’. Coffee table conversations somehow end up at ‘Discovering, Expressing, Finding and Being yourself’. But what does it take to do so? And why is it so difficult? I think, being yourself starts with being comfortable in one’s own skin and living life on your own terms and conditions. One needs to learn to express their individuality, and not following/falling into a category just because it’s something that everyone understands. For starters, in my opinion, it’s best to develop a creative medium of expressionism. A method you enjoy and are good at. It could be your release, something that helps you speak your mind and vent out emotions. That could be the path to discovering your mind and inner strengths, finally leading up to finding the Real You.

As for me, I am still trying to discover myself and understand what does it take to be true to oneself. And somewhere in the process, the Art of Dressing has become my outlet for expressing and sharing my thoughts.

The collar, fit and the print of this Crop Top from the Airplane Collection by QuirkBox I think is capable of adding a eccentric and neat touch to an outfit. Paired it with this comfy and chic Skants and Sneakers. Totally living in the Do-Not-Leave-Home-Without-Layers phase for a while now, I have added this long Shrug beneath the Top.

Featuring : Airplane Outline Crop Top from QuirkBox.

Skants : Ninja Skirt Pants II by BIAS | Shrug : Stalk Buy Love | Sneakers : Bata |
Silver Septum Cuff : Commercial Street | Lipcolor : Peach Crush


Photography and Post ProductionthatPhotographerwithHeadphones

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